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CW Consulting/Calvin Wu has been one of the best hires our company has made in a decade. The impact of his consulting is felt from the executive team all the way down to our most junior team members. Since implementing many changes in our process as a result of his guidance, our agency has made a 180-degree turnaround in just one year. We've had many financial consultants over the years share their take on changes we should make, however one thing makes CW Consulting stand out above the rest: listening first, advising second. Before consulting on strategy changes we should make, he spent a significant amount of time listening, asking questions, and seeking to truly understand the goals, values, and makeup of our business & team. Additionally, he took the time to understand our existing client base and target market. This ensured the advice he shared was received with open minds by our entire team, as we were confident he understood the business from the bottom up, as though he had been with us for years.

Cassandra Parsons, VP Operations, Vizisites

I can't imagine where I would be without CW Consulting, they accelerated my entrepreneurial journey and I can't thank them enough. Calvin always takes the most efficient paths to success and helps cut out the fat involved in processes and expenses. Calvin leverages his decades of real, heavy hitter experience to expertly navigate high level calls and negotiations. Calvin truly has a multiplier effect on whatever you are working on, and in our case he took a solid business model and turned it into a large multiplier exit. We couldn't be happier and more grateful with the results.

Gideon Victor, Founder, Royal Brew