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M&A Support and Exit Planning Consulting Services

Do you want to grow through M&A? We can help you. Acquire success with us—your trusted mergers and acquisitions expert in San Diego, CA. We have extensive experience supporting SMBs with M&A. Whether navigating due diligence, assessing the quality of earnings, or strategizing for growth through acquisitions, our seasoned financial professionals can support you throughout the mergers and acquisitions process.

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence Support for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Venturing into mergers and acquisitions for your small or medium-sized business may seem overwhelming. CW Business Advisory is here to provide you with well-honed expertise derived from a history of successful transactions, offering a guiding hand throughout the process. Our customized due diligence support services address financial and operational dimensions, guaranteeing meticulous preparation and a smooth and seamless transaction experience.

Quality of Earnings

Go through the M&A process with confidence with our quality of earnings assessments. We scrutinize financial statements to provide a clear picture of the target company’s earnings quality, enabling you to make informed choices and negotiate advantageous terms.

Ignite Business Expansion through Strategic Acquisitions

Are you exploring new avenues to boost your small or medium-sized business? Consider the powerful strategy of growth through acquisitions, an effective way to accelerate your business’s development while potentially broadening your revenue streams. Rely on our expertise tailored for SMB owners, as we design strategic plans aligned with your business objectives. We identify and capitalize on opportunities for expansion through carefully executed acquisitions, empowering your SMB to thrive.

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